Method and experience

AMA front load projects with detailed surveys and data capture from meetings and consultations with end user, maintenance- and design teams. Analysis is key using in-house building physics to establish system requirements, test alternative strategies, consider design criteria and champion passive methods.

AMA work as a team to propose ideas and concepts, using real data from previous projects. We design buildings that work and have comfortable indoor environments without dominating the architecture. AMA believe that design is best when it is detailed.

We work with clients and their maintenance teams on optimising systems in use and have a long track record in working with and for contractors. The post handover and practical experience are key factors in our design approach.


AMA Mechanical Services

cover audits, advice, design, condition surveys, troubleshooting of:

  • Air conditioning, heating and ventilation, specialist conventional, chilled water systems, steam systems, LTHW/MTHW & HTHW systems
  • Domestic hot & cold water systems
  • Energy supply systems, gas and oil
  • Controls, BMS
  • Renewable and low carbon technologies

AMA electrical services

cover audits, advice, design, condition surveys, troubleshooting of:

  • Power distribution, lighting design
  • Electricity generating plant
  • Lightning protection
  • Nurse call systems, CCTV
  • Renewable and low carbon technologies

AMA public health services

cover audits, advice, design, condition surveys, troubleshooting of:

  • Above ground drainage
  • Rain water collection
  • Grey water recovery systems
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS)

AMA building physics services

cover occupant comfort issues, energy use, carbon emissions and operational performance, including:

  • Energy modelling to test strategies and demonstrate Part L compliance by SBEM and DSM
  • Ventilation studies using IES VE dynamic thermal simulation and MacroFlo
  • Overheating risk and solar heat gains analyses
  • Moisture, condensation and dew point analyses
  • Daylight calculations
  • Energy and sustainability statements for planning applications, low or zero carbon (LZC) energy reports and feasibility studies

AMA real estate services


  • MEP due diligence, MEP surveys
  • Life cycle costing
  • Plant and systems replacement, energy optimisation
  • HVAC system modelling
  • ESOS audits

AMA BIM services

using Autodesk Revit MEP, include:

  • Creation of MEP families for third parties
  • Production of BIM visualisations for designs carried out by others
  • BIM for MEP services from inception to completion
  • BIM MEP animations